We welcome new members who can enjoy our many individual and family events.

You do not have to be a member of the Services to become a club member and are most welcome to apply for membership to use, attend events and enjoy the Club’s facilities.

To become a R.B.L Club member you can take one of these options:

  • A) Join the Club with Branch membership (Royal British Legion membership)
  • B) Join the club with membership of another branch

Please  remember to view our events and entertainment pages for some of your membership benefits.

If your address, phone, mobile or email address changes please do let us know.


  • Visit the Following Website –
  • Click on : Join The Royal British Legion
  • Enter your personal details to create an account
  • You will be asked which Branch to join, click on : ‘Ferndown’
  • You will receive your Branch Membership Card in approx. Three Weeks
  • Bring this in to the Club to complete your Membership and pay your Club Fees.

We are a private Club, not a pub so please note all guests  must be signed in on arrival at the lounge bar, like yourself they must abide by the rules of the Club and are your responsibility. We also have a dress code.  In the interests of the members and our license we do conduct membership checks, please keep your card with you, we do not aim to offend by asking to see your membership card.

Membership is an Annual Renewal

For the majority of our members this will be the 1st of October, the renewal process will be the same for all.
Historically the British Legion would take your membership fee and then pass the club part to the club, this is no longer happening

So from now on the membership fee will be broken into 2 parts which have to be paid separately

The Renewal fee is £34

Membership of The Royal British Legion Charity
This fee is £20 (Membership fee £17 and Branch Subscription Fee £3)

Club Membership
This Fee is £14


Annual membership consists of the Royal British Legion, Club & Branch which totals only £34 for 2016/17  for existing member renewals.

To maintain the club to a high standard within the terms of the RBL License at only £14 for Club annual membership with all the facilities we provide, this is truly remarkable and excellent value. Especially when 100% of this goes towards the RBL rent we pay. It does rely on members using the club facilities and events to support this great price and to help us balance the additional difference we have to add to the rent demand and run the complete club. Membership fees may be reviewed at the Club’s A.G.M.



Membership is subject to our Club rules, conditions and byelaws which are available on request at the Club or you can view on our Club Rules web page. Please take time to read these. We do operate a strict code of conduct to ensure all our members may enjoy the ambience and social life at the Club. We would also recommend you use our catering facilities which offer ready superb meals are  fantastic value. These are available during lunchtime opening hours (except Monday) and for any day and evening events where you have made arrangements with the Chef. You may also book private events using the catering facilities for most types of celebrations or special requirements.

When joining the club you may enjoy the many social and individual events and activities we provide, many are free and others with either a small charge or entrance fee depending on the function and organisation we are supporting. We do ask you participate in our raffles and draws as any surplus from this helps towards your free entertainment.


Members get significant discounts for room hire.  You may also book the hall and other accommodation for your private events.

For more information, or to find out how to join, please contact us.