23 July 2016
First team of evening to arrive 15 minutes prior the match to set up the alley. This will allow the games to start and finish on time1a. Any paid-up member of any branch of The Royal British Legion may play in either League or Cup
matches, A member’s spouse who is not a paid up member may also play even if said spouse is not present. However, he or she must then be signed in by a full member as a guest, only once per month.1b. Staff who are employed eg steward / assistant steward are not allowed to become Club Share Certificate Holders but provided they are paid-up members of any branch of The Royal British Legion and can show their current membership card, will be eligible to play

2a. Teams will consist of five (5) players

2b. A player can play for only one (1) team during a season.

3a. If a team is one short (I) player during a league match, the team will be awarded three (3) points for each leg of the match.

3b. If a player arrives late (eg during the third (3rd) or fourth (4th) leg they may throw the remaining legs providing they forfeit the claiming of three (3)points in the earlier rounds.

3c. If two (2) players are late the missing second player may be awarded one (I) point which must be forfeited before further points can be earned.

3d. A player must have contact with the bad< bar before the ball.

3e. All balls must contact with the alley before the black line is reached. Any ball over said line will be counted null and void. Captains to referee this rule.

4a. A pin is counted as down. when it has been completely displaced from the plate.

4b. Pins knocked down by the rebound of another pin, will be counted.
4c. If the ball hits the side of the alley before hitting any pins. this will be counted as a score of zero (0) and the pins will be replaced to the exact previous position. The remaining balls may be thrown as normal.
4d. Pins knocked down by the opposing team whilst clearing up or sticking up, will be counted.
5a. Team captains will prompt their teams to be punctual and start games promptly
5b. Team captains will be responsible for entering their team members’ individual scores and the team’s total score on the score sheets.
5c. Team captains should to verify that their opponents’ scores have been entered correctly.6. Money for all games to be paid prior to the start of any match.
Number of players and total money to be entered on the envelope provided and handed over the bar to be put in the skittles box.7a. Games will consist of five (5) legs.

7b. All five (5) legs must be completed for every League game, even if the winner is apparent before the game is finished.

8. If it is necessary to cancel a match, the Captain must advise.
1. Craig Golding / Neil Summers 2. the opposing Team captain as early as possible to allow for re-arrangements where appropriate.

9. Last team of evening to clear away the alley and return all glasses to the bar — Please