RBL Ferndown Skittles Association

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If you are a paid up member of the Royal British Legion you are eligible to play in the League or Cup matches. If you cannot make every League match the teams are always looking for players who can play one or twice a month. You can enter Cup matches without necessarily playing League games.

League Games

League games are played every Wednesdays between 7.30 – 10.30pm  (except the 3rd Wednesday in each month)  in one hour league games (max 3 per night)  during the Autumn through mid  summer.

If you wish to join and enter a team or be available to play in an existing team please contact the secretary Sandra Amos

The skittle league committee are as follows:

Chairperson                                               Hannah  Kirby

Secretary                                                      Sandra Amos
Contact number  01202 891188

Fixtures Secretary

Peter commented ” We are always looking for new players to join existing teams or create new teams for the start of the season.  The game is fun, very easy to learn and a great night out.”

Teams consist of 5 players and whilst if short of players teams could play with 4 people, it is always better to have a team of 6 or 7 people to ensure you enter the  maximum number  of people or best players for any game.

During the skittles  season we play league games with 5 people, each having three balls per round with five rounds per match. This is complimented by individual matches with different rules and single, pairs or triples competitions which can be either men only or mixed ladies  – men teams.

Awards at the end of the year are normally presented in July. There are 23 trophies for you to try and win, they consist of 6 team  , 1 under 16 trophy and 16 individual trophies.